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Creating new opportunities 

Researching innovative and high-quality ingredients are the factors that have always driven our effort. We share the passion for compounding with pharmacists and that is why every day we ensure raw materials in small packaging complying with the highest quality standards, laboratory equipment and packaging devices.

Products for compounding pharmacies

Our offer includes more than 2,000 ingredients available in their original or smaller packaging:

  • over 150 APIs for human and veterinary use;
  • over 300 ingredients for topical applications;
  • over 1000 excipients, vitamins, plant extracts and nutraceutical ingredients;
  • over 60 types of capsules;
  • packaging devices and laboratory equipment.

High-quality active ingredients are always the basis of good galenic preparations, that is why our products undergo strict control procedures to certify their compliance with the highest safety standards. The activity for batching and re-packaging the active ingredients is also performed in compliance with the same quality standards, allowing us to provide individual chemist’s shops with reliable products in customised amounts.


The continuous search for innovative ingredients is an integral part of our work. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of products and markets, we are able to procure any type of active principle or ingredient on request. Furthermore, we are committed to promoting with doctors and chemist’s shops interesting products in the field of compounding preparations, including orphan medicines and substances that are not registered in Italy, but are marketed in the European Community.


In addition to active ingredients, packaging and galenic laboratory instrumentation we provide pharmacists with a technical and formulation consultancy service to support them in the choice of the best ingredients and in making magisterial and herbal preparations for human and veterinary use.


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