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The starting point

We are the starting point to make products specifically designed for people’s health, well-being and beauty. We maximise active ingredients and provide consultancy to allow others to create excellent products that help people take care of themselves.

ACEF Cosmetica

ACEF Galenica

ACEF Farmaceutica

ACEF Nutraceutica

Our products do the talking for us

We strive every day to provide everyone with accessible active ingredients for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic use and for the food supplement sector. Our products and their quality are the starting point for us to allow our customers to achieve their ideas.

We practise active listening

Dialogue and empathy are our secret weapons to understand the needs of the people who trust us. The ability to listen and the constant analysis of the market are the starting point for us to seize new opportunities.

We build deep and significant relationships with people

We cooperate with suppliers, consultants, researchers and trade associations with whom we share the passion for our work. Relationships are for us the starting point to built a better future together.

We aim higher and higher

All the objectives we achieve are the starting point for us to continue improving and growing, with and for our customers. To provide excellent products each day, able to help people take care of themselves at all levels.

We act with awareness and consideration

We stand accountable for the choices we make, always keeping in mind the impact they may have on the lives of the people around us. Reliability is the starting point for us to build trust and respect.

Differences are our strength

Everything is born of diversity and cross-breeding, that is why we achieve our objectives through work groups across the board, consisting of people with a diversity of skills. Enhancing the strengths of individual people is the starting point for us to achieve everyone’s goal.