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  • 06 september 2018

    RHEANCE® Glycolipids: finally, sugar makes you feel good

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "RHEANCE® Glycolipids lead a new era of all-natural ingredients that do not compromise on performance." RHEANCE® Glycolipids lead a new...

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  • 26 july 2018

    A complete Guide-Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

    News ACEF Nutraceuticals

    "Vitamin E is chemically known as Tocopherol and they are needed by human for essential functions, i.e. absence or insufficient intake result in d...

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  • 19 july 2018

    Succinic acid: a promising multi-functional ingredient for cosmetic and personal-care applications

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "This paper highlights a number some of reported topical uses of succinic acid, as well as results of preliminary studies demonstrating the anti-m...

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  • 12 july 2018

    Veri-te™ Resveratrol CWD 90

    News ACEF Nutraceuticals

    "Evolva partnered with Pharmako Biotechnologies to create Veri-te™ Resveratrol CWD 90, using LipiSperse® Dispersion Technology." Sol...

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  • 24 may 2018

    Resveratrol’s Promising Role in Women’s Health Contributed by: Clare Panchoo, MSc – Evolva

    News ACEF Nutraceuticals

    "In recent years, scientific literature has accumulated supporting the use of resveratrol in nutritional supplements to sustain and support health...

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