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  • 22 september 2020


    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "Thanks to the innovative Hyper-fermentation technology, Phenbiox has developed a new cosmetic active ingredient able to prevent hair dryness, pro...

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  • 27 august 2020

    Resveratrol and bone health

    News ACEF Nutraceuticals

    “The results of the RESHAW clinical study point to how resveratrol helps improve the health of bones in subjects at risk for osteoporosis such a...

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  • 26 august 2020

    Natural and biocompatible alternatives to volatile silicones and silicone oil

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "Natura-Tec offers a range of plant-based alternatives to silicones, able to assure the same technical and sensory performances in full respect of...

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  • 28 july 2020

    News: packaging and instrumentation for the galenic laboratory

    News ACEF Compounding

    “In order to provide all-round support to compounding pharmacists, ACEF Galenic adds to its offering packaging, instrumentation and glassware fo...

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  • 27 july 2020

    ALOFERM HF BIO COSMOS: fermented cosmetic active ingredient from aloe vera

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "A new Aloe Vera gel-based active ingredient is born from the Hyper-fermentation technology. ALOFERM HF has been shown to be more effective than c...

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  • 25 june 2020

    MELTEC®: the natural sugar substitute – non sweetener

    News ACEF Nutraceuticals

    "MELTEC® is an innovative product based on fluid plant fibres, able to replace sugar and syrups in liquid supplements and functional foods with l...

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  • 21 april 2020

    TEGO® REMO 95 MB: natural multi-purpose viscosifier

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "TEGO® Remo 95 MB by Evonik is a natural-base viscosifier indicated for liquid detergents formulated with PEGs and Sulfate Free surfactants, whic...

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