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  • 22 september 2020


    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "Thanks to the innovative Hyper-fermentation technology, Phenbiox has developed a new cosmetic active ingredient able to prevent hair dryness, pro...

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  • 26 august 2020

    Natural and biocompatible alternatives to volatile silicones and silicone oil

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "Natura-Tec offers a range of plant-based alternatives to silicones, able to assure the same technical and sensory performances in full respect of...

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  • 27 july 2020

    ALOFERM HF BIO COSMOS: fermented cosmetic active ingredient from aloe vera

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "A new Aloe Vera gel-based active ingredient is born from the Hyper-fermentation technology. ALOFERM HF has been shown to be more effective than c...

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  • 21 april 2020

    TEGO® REMO 95 MB: natural multi-purpose viscosifier

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "TEGO® Remo 95 MB by Evonik is a natural-base viscosifier indicated for liquid detergents formulated with PEGs and Sulfate Free surfactants, whic...

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  • 06 september 2018

    RHEANCE® Glycolipids: finally, sugar makes you feel good

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "RHEANCE® Glycolipids lead a new era of all-natural ingredients that do not compromise on performance." RHEANCE® Glycolipids lead a new...

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  • 19 july 2018

    Succinic acid: a promising multi-functional ingredient for cosmetic and personal-care applications

    News ACEF Cosmetics

    "This paper highlights a number some of reported topical uses of succinic acid, as well as results of preliminary studies demonstrating the anti-m...

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