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28 july 2020
News: packaging and instrumentation for the galenic laboratory
  • Date: 28/07/2020
  • Category: News ACEF Compounding

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“In order to provide all-round support to compounding pharmacists, ACEF Galenic adds to its offering packaging, instrumentation and glassware for the galenic laboratory."

ACEF Galenic has some important news to break to compounding pharmacists. In addition to a wide range of active ingredients, the division’s offering is broadened by the welcome addition of packaging, instrumentation and glassware for the galenic laboratory.

In line with the identity pathway undertaken by the company – the details of which we will soon unveil – ACEF Galenic takes a step forward towards the aim of providing all-round support to pharmacies to make it possible to turn ideas into tangible and continuing projects. In addition to the active ingredients – which have always been the company’s core business – and the formulation consultancy, which is essential to establish a long-term relationship for mutual growth, the materials and equipment to actually make the formulations could therefore not be neglected.

The new references, already available in the PRODUCTS section of the website, include:

Instrumentation for preparing liquid formulations;

  • Packaging for liquid formulations;
  • Packaging for semi-solid formulations;
  • Packaging for solid formulations;
  • Packaging for sterile formulations.

For more information and support in the choice of the most appropriate instruments, contact your sales agent or our technical team at