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Progetto BCR


2020 - in progress

The BRC protocol falls under a customised food programme in which the role of the pharmacist specialised in nutrition and galenic formulations is essential. The protocol seeks to provide professionals with a further tool to successfully guide the patient’s pathway to change from the dietary point of view, with the two-fold objective of improving their well-being and slowing the physiological ageing process.


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2019 - in progress

The project seeks to make full use of the galenic laboratory as a useful resource for the production of natural food supplements, exclusive and tailor-made for the client’s specific needs. To achieve this objective we provide compounding pharmacists with a set of tools that can guide them in making and promoting herbal medicine preparations.


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2015 - in progress

The project has the aim of providing Pharmacists, Doctors and Patients with the most useful information to tackle smoking addiction and set up a proper treatment strategy. Special attention is devoted to spreading the knowledge of Cytisine, an active ingredient available in Italy only as a magisterial galenic preparation that has shown real efficacy in the treatment of smoking addiction.


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