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ACEF: personalizzazione, qualità e affidabilità nella distribuzione di materie prime

ACEF: l'area produttiva di Fiorenzuola D'Arda vista dall'alto

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: the values of ACEF

ACEFPharmaceutical and Chemical Company – founded in 1940 in Fiorenzuola D’Arda with the visionary spirit of its founding members, Carlo Gianessi and Arturo Grassi. In the post WWII era of economic development, it supplies a growing number of pharmacies with handcrafted medicines and within a few years ACEF becomes a major supplier of active ingredients.

Thanks to its 75 years of history, today ACEF is recognized within the market as the leading company in the distribution of raw materials for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic use and dietary supplements. Its great strength is to propose a full personalized customer service that meets the needs of both small manufacturers and a big industry. Modern packaging techniques, indeed, allow ACEF to distribute raw materials with various weights, from bulk to packages less than a thousand grams.

These goals have been achieved thanks to the solid values that represent the benchmark of actions and decisions of the company:

  • Reliability: ACEF wants to be a reliable landmark in every aspect, to ensure a more customer oriented service.
  • Competence: thanks to the experience of its high qualified staff, ACEF offers its customers products of high quality and an elevated knowledge of the industry.
  • Attention to the customer requirements: a team of specialists offers non-stop technical and commercial support to ensure a standard of excellence.
  • Quality: the quality of the products and the service offered by ACEF is guaranteed by over 25,000 controls per year on the raw materials it offers. The constant research, attention to every detail, and rigorous tests are key to achieving the desired quality.
  • Organization and team spirit: to work well it is essential to have an organized and cohesive team; ACEF enhances the talents of every member to reach the goal of the group.
  • Passion: curiosity and the desire to constantly reach for higher goals are the ACEF work engine.

A company made of people not only of products

In ACEF people makes the difference: this is one of the cornerstones behind the success of the company over the years. For this reason both individual training and team spirit are valued: feeling part of a large and unique project is crucial to the growth of a qualified, organized and united team.

The attention to customer needs is guaranteed by a team of experts consisting of:

  • A sales team: consisting of 18 agents and 12 experts who cover both a national territory and an important international area that provides 360° support on the products;
  • Customer service: consisting of 10 people who take care of the customer in the post-sale phase;
  • The managers (4 people) of specific departments (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and galenic);
  • The scientific team: works in laboratory on quality control and R&D.

The combined action of more than 100 people allows ACEF to offer more than 7,000 products for cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and galenic use. Furthermore, the innovative packaging techniques for raw materials, allowing the re-pack in different quantities, gives ACEF a real foothold for those in the industry.

Large spaces for big projects: the industrial area

The structure of ACEF, located in the industrial area of Fiorenzuola D’Arda, spread over an area of approx. 24.000 sqm, of which about 12.000 is covered. The covered area consists of an office building connected to production, storage and laboratory areas.
At the beginning of the activity ACEF only had a small laboratory, today it’s equipped with a modern CQ laboratory, a microbiology laboratory and R&D laboratories for the specific departments.

The buildings, built since 1985, were expanded in 2002 and 2009 to allow the growth of the company. In a constant development process ACEF, since 2015, has implemented further expansion works for the construction of a new building connected to the current production site.

The structure includes:

  • 12 weighing rooms of 3 different types (API, class 100000 and MP techniques) for a total of 354 sqm;
  • 7 warehouses extending over an area of more than 7.000 sqm;
  • The laboratory of analysis (Quality Control) occupying 450 sqm;
  • R&D laboratories;
  • The main offices that occupy 1.300 sqm;
  • Arda Natura, the production area for cosmetic and food raw materials, that extends over 1.000 sqm.

All the re-pack areas have monitored and recorded environmental conditions and an air treatment plant with different levels of filtration, which excludes the possibility of cross contamination.

In addition, since 2010, ACEF – which has always been a green power company – has built with Fiorenergia, a 1 megawatt photovoltaic plant with the purpose of reducing the environmental impact of its production site. The attention to the environment is a fundamental value for ACEF, which, thanks to this, contributes to producing clean and eco-sustainable energy, reducing fuel consumption and consequently air pollution.
The future is built with the action of the present!

Quality and reliability: the certifications of ACEF

To guarantee the quality of the products ACEF has a number of certifications that attest the compliance with high standards.
In particular the certifications of which the company is in possession are:


ACEF è formata da un team di più di 100 professionisti altamente qualificati
ACEF offre più di 7000 prodotti per uso farmaceutico, galenico, cosmetico e nutraceutico
ACEF si estende per ben 21.000 mq, di cui 12.000 coperti

ACEF PHARMACEUTICAL - Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials

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Only the best raw materials

Through its 75 years of history, ACEF is now recognized as a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and food supplements.

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An unique, complete and varied offer

ACEF over time has gained an experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 7,000 articles available in customizable cuts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and nutraceutical markets.

+7.000products list
+390active suppliers

A safe and guaranteed production process

In ACEF, the re-pack areas are environmentally monitored and recorded in accordance with the highest quality standards. The reliability and safety of the products is also ensured by the certifications the company is in possession of.

+10.000quality analysis

A high qualified team

Thanks to experience gained in the field, the sales force and the technicians of ACEF are able to support customers through specific consulting services, providing a personalized service that takes care of every single need.

+10.000document audits
+3.000active clients
Alberto Piombi - Presidente di ACEF
Alberto Piombi ci parla di ACEF

ACEF is a "family" company, able to meet the needs of both small and large business customers...

Alberto Piombi


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Emilio Zavattoni - AD e Responsabile Amministrazione e Finanza di ACEF
Emilio Zavattoni ci parla di ACEF

ACEF today is a solid reality that has been consolidated over time thanks to the commitment of everyone who...

Emilio Zavattoni

CEO and Head of Administration and Finance

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