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ACEF: azienda di materie prime cosmetiche

ACEF: materie prime cosmetiche e formulazioni innovative

ACEF Cosmetics: the beauty of quality

It is 1989 when ACEF sees huge potential in the cosmetic market and broadens its business horizons to include in this area so that, thirty years later, the market scenario confirms this choice.

In the last 30 years, the company has specialized in the cosmetic area, gaining a consolidated experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 2,000 items.

In the Cosmetics Division operate 3 specialists who provide 360° support with over 30 years of experience in the field. In addition, collaboration with important Italian Universities led to the development of new technologies dedicated to cosmetic activities.

The “birth” of the Cosmetics division was just the beginning of the new path undertaken by ACEF, which investing heavily in this field created in 1992 Arda Natura, a reality that deals with the research and production of extracts from vegetable raw materials and original active compositions.

The turnover of the Cosmetics Division has been steadily increasing in recent years and currently represents 55% of the total ACEF revenue.

Furthermore, ACEF has entered into agreements with major companies in the sector.

Exclusive Distribution Brands
Phenbiox: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
NATURA-TEC: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
Evonik Industries: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
HRF: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
Sasol: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF

These include:

  • Evonik, one of the world’s leading chemical products company, specializing in cosmetics.
  • Natura-Tec, a recent industrial reality in the world of waxes, oils and active ingredients from natural resources.
  • Phenbiox, a spin-off company of the University of Bologna, which develops and produces active ingredients with high performance of vegetable origin for cosmetic products.
  • Reynaud, a historic French company producing essential oils.
  • SASOL, a multinational corporation in the field of vaseline, paraffin, microcrystalline waxes and cosmetic excipients.

Innovative products and formulations

ACEF Cosmetics, keeping the high quality standards set by the industry, offers a wide range of innovative specialties for the cosmetic market. The network of relationships with cosmetic consultants, polytechnics and researchers contributes to the development of new technologies for the production of innovative raw materials.

Its list includes more than 2,000 cosmetic products and year after year it has an increase of about 30 new products.

ACEF’s offer includes:

  • over 1000 basic raw materials for cosmetic use;
  • over 800 vegetable extracts for cosmetic use;
  • over 150 commodities and technical products;
  • over 50 essential oils;
  • over 500 formulation suggestions for cosmetic preparations;

All ACEF products and formulation suggestions are a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability.

The cosmetic lab, where a dedicated research and development team works, is equipped with the latest equipment to develop detergents, emulsions, hydrolytes, alcohols and oleols.

An efficient service for satisfied customers

The reliability of the service offered and the quality of the products have led ACEF to become, over the years, a benchmark in the field of raw materials for the cosmetics industry.

Every customer is unique and has specific needs: to meet them is therefore the main goal of ACEF, that strives every day to guarantee its customers not only high quality products but also personalized assistance.

This goal in the cosmetics market has been successfully achieved. There are over 1200 cosmetic industries that have chosen ACEF as their partner.

Knowing how to handle intelligently and efficiently the relationship with your customers is the factor that can make the difference and decree the success of a company. For this reason, ACEF is constantly committed to creating reliable and long-lasting relationships.


Più di 30 anni di esperienza e una conoscenza approfondita delle materie prime ad uso cosmetico
Più di 2000 prodotti dedicati esclusivamente al mercato cosmetico: estratti vegetali, attivi e molto altro
Più di 1200 clienti testimoniano la professionalità di ACEF

ACEF COSMETICS - Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials

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Only the best raw materials

Through its 75 years of history, ACEF is now recognized as a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and food supplements.

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An unique, complete and varied offer

ACEF over time has gained an experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 7,000 articles available in customizable cuts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and nutraceutical markets.

+7.000products list
+390active suppliers

A safe and guaranteed production process

In ACEF, the re-pack areas are environmentally monitored and recorded in accordance with the highest quality standards. The reliability and safety of the products is also ensured by the certifications the company is in possession of.

+10.000quality analysis

A high qualified team

Thanks to experience gained in the field, the sales force and the technicians of ACEF are able to support customers through specific consulting services, providing a personalized service that takes care of every single need.

+10.000document audits
+3.000active clients
Fabrizio Massari - Responsabile Divisione Cosmetica di ACEF
Fabrizio Massaro ci parla di ACEF

ACEF is a unique company: it manages a large number of customers, from large to small businesses...

Fabrizio Massaro

Cosmetic Division Manager

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