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ACEF: prodotti per preparazioni galeniche in farmacia

ACEF Galenica: commitment and passion in a single project

«Our mission is quality, safety, professional ethics and galenic innovation».
For this reason, ACEF has always offered excellent and innovative raw materials for galenic preparation in the pharmacy.

ACEF Galenica not only offers a large number of products , about 3.000, but also technical advice, assistance and innovation for the galenic laboratory.

In this division of the company we have a team of specialists with over 40 years of experience. As proof of the steady growth of ACEF also in the galenic sector, turnover has been steadily increasing since 2011, leading the company to tighten important representation agreements.

Exclusive Distribution Brands
Phenbiox: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
evolva: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
nVH Italia srl: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF

Moreover, in the Galenic area, ACEF has implemented the CITEX Project ( in 2015 to deepen the issues related to tobacco therapy. This project provides the Doctors, Pharmacists and Patients with the most useful information to deal with smoking addiction and set up a proper tobacco treatment strategy. There are, in fact, some active ingredients, which can be found at low cost, set up in preparations of prescription compounding , which are actually effective in the treatment of smoking dependence, as demonstrated in various scientific studies.

The CITEX project has been a huge success that has allowed ACEF to enter into several supply contracts with pharmacies interested in the fight against smoking.

A full range of galenic preparations in the pharmacy

The value and excellence of the raw materials, services and solutions proposed are the instrument to ensure the total satisfaction of preparatory pharmacists.

ACEF’s offer in the compounding includes a number of products in custom cuts and formulation suggestions; specifically the company offers:

  • over 200 API for human and veterinary use;
  • over 300 substances for the preparation of topical preparations;
  • over 1000 substances between excipients, vitamins, herbal extracts, nutritional ingredients;
  • over 90 different types of capsules of different colors and sizes;
  • over 250 different articles for packaging and for preparations;
  • over 770 officinal and magisterial formulations contained in the Galenic Form;

The high quality standards and the modern rigid quality control procedures that all products are subjected to, ensure that ACEF’s offerings respond well to the specific needs of preparatory pharmacists throughout Italy.

Valuing the customer: the first step towards success

Many clients in the compounding industry have chosen ACEF as a partner to achieve successful results. In order to ensure good galenical preparation it is necessary to use high quality raw materials, but also to be able to take advantage of cutting-edge consultancy: Exactly what ACEF makes available to its customers!

ACEF’s goal is to transform the commitment that has been made over these years to a mission aimed at meeting the most demanding customers that represent the true wealth of the company. We feel we have achieved this goal, as there are more than 1500 customer pharmacies.

Understanding the needs of every single customer and translating them into shares is what ACEF has been doing for over 75 years, with the goal of being always up to date on market demands.

Non-stop research for new raw materials and innovative ingredients

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of the markets ACEF is able to find, at the request of pharmacies, any kind of active ingredient or ingredient. Furthermore, the R & D team is committed to promoting products in the medical and pharmacy level of interest in the galenic field, among which:

  • orphan drugs;
  • substances not registered in Italy but marketed in the European Community;
  • advanced technology solutions.


The services offered by ACEF to Medical Doctors regarding compounding medicines

I libri realizzati da ACEF nel corso degli anni: dal formulario galenico terapeutico all'approccio galenico alla terapia ormonale in menopausa I libri realizzati da ACEF nel corso degli anni: dal formulario galenico terapeutico all'approccio galenico alla terapia ormonale in menopausa

Compounding prescription allows the doctor to obtain targeted and appropriate benefits to the characteristics of his / her patient (a “personalization” of the drug) where there are particular requirements to be met including:

  • Temporary or definitive unavailability of a medicinal product
  • Dosages and pharmaceutical forms not available on the market
  • Associations of multiple active ingredients in the same formulation
  • Use of particular excipients (or “no” use of excipients to which the patient is intolerant)
  • Orphan drug prescription

The Galenic medicine is essential to cover the gaps in the industrial product.

What does ACEF propose to your doctor about the compounding preparations?

The ACEF team of experts is able to support the Doctor in his professional practice through some important services such as:

  • FORMULATING CONSULTATION: According to the needs of the doctor it is possible to develop formulations for compounding preparations, and various forms are available.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHIC SEARCH: Law 94/98 requires the Doctor to check whether the use of certain active principles is known and complies with accredited scientific literature. ACEF can help the Doctor through a bibliographic search of scientific articles dealing with specific themes.
  • REFERENCE LEGISLATION CONSULTANCY: The prescription of the compounding preparation is governed by specific standards, ACEF helps the doctor to disparage between laws and health regulations.
  • SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL TRAINING: prescribing a magistral compounding preparation is an art, for this ACEF provides its experts for basic or thorough training on the galenic.
  • RAW MATERIAL RESEARCH: ACEF has extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical manufacturers and is therefore able to find products that meet its specific needs.
  • REFERENCE PHARMACIES: ACEF is able to contact the Doctor with the best Italian galenic pharmacies.

For any information you can write to, we will reply as soon as possible.


Più di 75 anni di esperienza e una approfondita conoscenza delle materie prime ad uso galenico
Un listino con più di 3000 prodotti galenici tra cui vitamine, eccipienti, estratti fitoterapici, ecc. e un servizio di consulenza
Più di 1000 farmacie galeniche tra i clienti

ACEF GALENIC - Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials

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Only the best raw materials

Through its 75 years of history, ACEF is now recognized as a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and food supplements.

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An unique, complete and varied offer

ACEF over time has gained an experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 7,000 articles available in customizable cuts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and nutraceutical markets.

+7.000products list
+390active suppliers

A safe and guaranteed production process

In ACEF, the re-pack areas are environmentally monitored and recorded in accordance with the highest quality standards. The reliability and safety of the products is also ensured by the certifications the company is in possession of.

+10.000quality analysis

A high qualified team

Thanks to experience gained in the field, the sales force and the technicians of ACEF are able to support customers through specific consulting services, providing a personalized service that takes care of every single need.

+10.000document audits
+3.000active clients
Giovanni Braccioli - Responsabile Divisioni Galenica e Nutraceutica
Giovanni Braccioli ci parla di ACEF

I am convinced that ACEF today represents a benchmark for many customers and a model for many competitors...

Giovanni Braccioli

Galenic &Nutraceutical Division Manager

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Stefano Bernardi - Responsabile Ufficio Commerciale di ACEF
Stefano Bernardi ci parla di ACEF

ACEF is probably one of the oldest companies in the distribution of raw materials and brings together...

Stefano Bernardi

Sales Office Manager

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