NUTRACEUTICAL Experience and services in the supply of raw materials for the food supplements area

ACEF: materie prime per integratori alimentari

ACEF: materie prime per il settore nutraceutico

ACEF Nutraceutica for the food supplements market

The nutraceutical market in Italy is a fast-growing sector: from 2014 to 2016 it posted an increase of 7.4%, becoming the leader in the consumer health sector.

Even in this field, ACEF has proven to be able to assess the market potential over the long term: it was 1994 when the divison of ACEF Nutraceutica was established, dedicated to the distribution, packaging and production of raw materials for the food supplements market.

ACEF Nutraceutica has 3 specialists who have over 20 years of experience in the field and engage in constant research of raw materials for excellence and innovation in production processes. ACEF provides its customers with highly technical-regulatory support to meet the most demanding requirements.

The division’s turnover has steadily increased over the years, making ACEF Nutraceutica one of the top players in the distribution of raw materials in Italy and important representation agreements.

Exclusive Distribution Brands
Phenbiox: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
evolva: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
nVH Italia srl: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF

Thanks to the repackaging activity within the weighing rooms, ACEF is able to deliver products in different quantities, from bulk to packs of less than a thousand grams. Physical and chemical analyzes carried out within the CQ laboratory together with those assigned to certified external laboratories ensure compliance of the raw materials with national and Community legislation.

Quality raw materials, safe and ready for delivery

Thanks to the experience and the know-how acquired over more than 20 years of specialization in the industry and thanks to its own laboratory, ACEF Nutraceutica is able to offer a wide range of quality raw materials, in accordance with the quality requirements imposed by international standards.

ACEF Nutraceutica’s list includes more than 1,600 raw materials and, due to the internal technical team and the business carried out by Arda Natura, ACEF can produce customized products and blends to individual customer needs. The products offered by ACEF Nutraceutica include:

  • over 400 functional ingredients;
  • over 40 different vitamins;
  • over 70 minerals
  • over 50 amino acids and proteins
  • over 150 excipients and auxiliary substances
  • over 25 different probiotic strains;
  • over 1000 different plant extracts (dry, fluid, hydroglyceric)
  • over 90 types of hard gelatine capsules of different color and sizes.

All stages of packaging are characterized by the use of the latest technology. The weighing electronic systems in use, the environmental conditions of spaces that are monitored and recorded, the critical areas for handling critical products and the possibility of packaging under nitrogen make ACEF products safe and reliable.

Happy customers are equal to excellence

One of the great successes achieved by ACEF over the years is the loyalty of our customers. As is the case in all four areas in which the company operates, even with regard to the nutraceutical sector, ACEF has been able to establish a long-term trusted relationship with its customers.

There are more than 300 Italian companies that have decided to rely on ACEF.

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of ACEF; to provide 360 ​​degree full service: from technical and scientific assistance to after-sales service.


Materie prime ad uso galenico nutraceutico: più di 20 anni di esperienza
Più di 1600 prodotti destinati al mercato nutraceutico e degli integratori alimentari: materie prime, minerali, proteine e molto altro
Più di 300 aziende clienti nel settore nutraceutico

ACEF NUTRACEUTICAL - Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials

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Only the best raw materials

Through its 75 years of history, ACEF is now recognized as a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and food supplements.

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An unique, complete and varied offer

ACEF over time has gained an experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 7,000 articles available in customizable cuts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and nutraceutical markets.

+7.000products list
+390active suppliers

A safe and guaranteed production process

In ACEF, the re-pack areas are environmentally monitored and recorded in accordance with the highest quality standards. The reliability and safety of the products is also ensured by the certifications the company is in possession of.

+10.000quality analysis

A high qualified team

Thanks to experience gained in the field, the sales force and the technicians of ACEF are able to support customers through specific consulting services, providing a personalized service that takes care of every single need.

+10.000document audits
+3.000active clients
Giovanni Braccioli - Responsabile Divisioni Galenica e Nutraceutica
Giovanni Braccioli ci parla di ACEF

I am convinced that ACEF today represents a benchmark for many customers and a model for many competitors...

Giovanni Braccioli

Galenic &Nutraceutical Division Manager

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