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22 september 2020
  • Date: 22/09/2020
  • Category: News ACEF Cosmetics

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"Thanks to the innovative Hyper-fermentation technology, Phenbiox has developed a new cosmetic active ingredient able to prevent hair dryness, promoting a healthy appearance."

The meeting of science and technology with the wisdom of tradition always leads to something unique. That is the case with FERMENTED RICE WATER, a cosmetic ingredient that originates from an ancient oriental beauty ritual.

Ethnic Yao women from the small village of Huangluo, in southern China, have gained fame worldwide owing to their long black hair, which they look after with dedication as a symbol of longevity and wealth. The hair of these women can exceed two metres in length and manage to preserve a black, healthy and shiny appearance even in old age. Many people have wondered about the beauty of their hair, the secret of which apparently lies in a special shampoo made with fermented rice water, which they produce themselves.

The history of Yao women has aroused the interest of Phenbiox, a spin-off of Bologna University, and has convinced its team of researchers to scientifically investigate the advantages that the Hyper-fermentation treatment brings to rice water. The patented technology entails an enzymatic preliminary treatment of rice in aqueous environment in order to release the active principles and reduce the size of the sugars, thus making them more appealing to the ferment. Subsequently, the Hyper-fermentation treatment transforms the sugar fraction of rice water into metabolites that are extremely useful for the well-being of hair. Specifically, the post-biotic complex obtained thanks to Hyper-fermentation makes it possible to achieve:

  • an increase in antioxidant power (+20%),
  • an increase in protein content (+ 61%),
  • an increase in amino acid content (+200%).

The results of an ex-vivo test, performed on strands of Caucasian, undyed hair, show the ability of FERMENTED RICE WATER to prevent hair dryness, keeping it more hydrated. The study, which entailed applying a base formulation containing 3% rice water, has shown an increase in hydration respectively by 30% in rinse-off mode and by 60% in leave-on mode.