PHARMACEUTICAL Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ACEF: distribuzione e confezionamento di materie prime per il settore farmaceutico

ACEF: prodotti e servizi per l'industria farmaceutica

ACEF Pharmaceutical: experience that starts a long time ago

ACEF begins to operate in the field of the distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry in 1940 and soon becomes a landmark for the supply and distribution of excipients and active ingredients.

Thanks to many years of activity and experience, today ACEF Pharmaceutical offers a high quality service that can guarantee its customers safe and reliable raw materials.
The ability to meet the needs of large multinationals as well as those of small galenic workshops is one of the distinctive elements that led ACEF to success.

A further guarantee of protection for the pharmaceutical product as well as the products of all other business areas are the distribution activities of raw material carried out exclusively under laminated flow hoods and controlled environmental parameters, the lack of contact surfaces and the use of disposable gears. This great attention to detail has led the company to tighten, even in this field, representation agreements.

Exclusive Distribution Brands
Sasol: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
Head: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF
Healsee: azienda e prodotti rappresentati da ACEF

ACEF is also authorized by the Italian Agency for Medicines (AIFA) to import and distribute in GMP several active pharmaceutical ingredients.

A wide range of products and services for the pharmaceutical industry

The selection and accurate control of the raw materials allows ACEF to guarantee products that meet the highest standards imposed by the pharmaceutical industry: in the laboratory every single raw material is subjected to strict and systematic quality checks.

Thanks to the wide range of its network, the company guarantees the immediate supply of raw materials with specific transport conditions for each product according to the Good Distribution Practices (GDP). In fact, the raw materials in the warehouse are always stored at controlled temperature and humidity, and transport is also carried out under verified conditions.

ACEF Farmaceutica’s offer includes over 3,700 products including:

  • over 200 API for human and veterinary use;
  • over 500 excipients;
  • over 3,000 chemical products;
  • possibility of custom packaging in GMP according to customer requirements;
  • qualifies producers and suppliers;
  • issuing certified certificates in GMP;
  • logistics services;
  • extensive document support.

The pharmaceutical raw materials offered by ACEF are always accompanied by systematic and rigorous documentation that includes technical sheets and safety sheets for each product.

Understand the customer: the true goal of ACEF Pharmaceutical

Understanding the customer, stimulating his potential, sharing goals to ensure consistent results is what ACEF Pharmaceuticals are committed to doing day after day. This commitment to its buyers has led the company to acquire more than 100 customers in the pharmaceutical industry alone.

Excellence is the goal of ACEF Pharmaceutical. How do we do it? Simple, we provide a non-standardized service, but taking into account the needs of the individual customer. Every customer is unique, each customer is special!


Materie prime ad uso farmaceutico da più di 75 anni
Un listino per il mercato farmaceutico molto ricco, con più di 3700 prodotti
Più di 100 aziende acquistano i prodotti farmaceutici ACEF

ACEF PHARMACEUTICAL - Leader in the distribution and packaging of raw materials

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Only the best raw materials

Through its 75 years of history, ACEF is now recognized as a leading company in the distribution of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and food supplements.

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An unique, complete and varied offer

ACEF over time has gained an experience that today allows it to provide references with a list of over 7,000 articles available in customizable cuts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, galenic and nutraceutical markets.

+7.000products list
+390active suppliers

A safe and guaranteed production process

In ACEF, the re-pack areas are environmentally monitored and recorded in accordance with the highest quality standards. The reliability and safety of the products is also ensured by the certifications the company is in possession of.

+10.000quality analysis

A high qualified team

Thanks to experience gained in the field, the sales force and the technicians of ACEF are able to support customers through specific consulting services, providing a personalized service that takes care of every single need.

+10.000document audits
+3.000active clients
Giovanni Braccioli - Responsabile Divisioni Galenica e Nutraceutica
Giovanni Braccioli ci parla di ACEF

I am convinced that ACEF today represents a benchmark for many customers and a model for many competitors...

Giovanni Braccioli

Galenic &Nutraceutical Division Manager

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Giacomo Calogerà - Responsabile Divisione Farmaceutica ACEF
Giacomo Calogerà ci parla di ACEF

ACEF is a company able to integrate the solidity of its many decades tradition with a strong dynamism...

Giacomo Calogerà

Pharmaceutical Division Manager

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