PRODUCTS A complete line of high quality raw materials to meet the needs of every single customer

ACEF: ricerca, produzione, confezionamento e distribuzione di materie prime

Quality and assurance of customer’s service

ACEF offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of every customer.
In fact, the company provides a large list of high quality raw materials with innovative packaging techniques: the packaging varies from tons to a few grams.

The constant research for new raw materials and a targeted distribution to the needs of every single customer is the winning combination for our success.

The full list of ACEF’s products includes more than 7,000 items to choose from:

  • over 250 are pharmaceutical products;
  • over 200 APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients);
  • over 1500 vegetable extracts;
  • over 150 essential oils;
  • over 600 raw materials for cosmetics;
  • more than 400 nutraceutical products.

In addition, collaboration with highly qualified external laboratories, quality controls and more than 10,000 analyzes each year represent for the customers the quality, safety and reliability of ACEF products.

A journey of growth and research over 75 years

The experience gained in its 75 years of operation has allowed ACEF to develop a raw material processing and packaging system that follows strict security procedures. Research carried out within the Quality Control and R&D laboratories enables the company to ensure products conforming to international standards.

Each ACEF product is constantly subject to quality controls; once finished, the raw materials are packaged on the basis of customer needs. In the case of customers who need to receive the product in small quantities, it is possible to subject it to distribution processes checks within our own modern highly-equipped weighing rooms. Once these operations are completed and all security checks are made, the product is ready to be delivered to the final customer.

Due to our experience and know-how acquired over time, the ACEF team is able to provide their customers with all the necessary support and complete documentation.

Certifications that guarantee the quality of ACEF

The certifications the company owns concern the quality management system, compliance with good manufacturing practice, but also the use of organic raw materials for cosmetic and nutraceutical products. These include:

You can explain the specific needs of your company and receive the help of our best specialists!

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